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Chiangmai Organic and Spa Co., Ltd founded in 2005 by Mrs. Thicharthun Hiruntharanontha place at the Center of Top Class Handicraft Producer from Northern of Thailand, Baan Thawai. Our factory are certified by an International Organic Certifying Organization; USDA Organic, USA.. Incorporating a deep understanding of the benefits of traditional Thai herbs, and using only the safest, most natural ingredients available.

Chiangmai Organic has developed unique formulas that utilize synergistic herbs and other natural ingredients that are complementary to a healthy, natural lifestyle. The unique methods of production and the removal of excess alkali results in body care products that eliminate skin irritants found in many other product lines.


There are souvenir, natural and organic products, organic shops to sell organic products, food and drinks.

Organic Products : Organic Soap, Shower gel, Shampoo and etc. Go Product page.

Organic Food : Our food come from organic cultivated area that they do not use chemicals in manufacturing.

  • Organic Tea such as Organic Lemongrass Tea.
  • Organics Rice Vinegar (ferment vinegar from organic rice)
  • Organic oil such as Organic Coconut oil, Organic Sesame oil and Organic Safflower oil
  • Organic Coconut Milk
  • Organic Coconut Water

Green Factory

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Organic Soap

All of raw materials have certified by quality organic standard. You can confident our properties products that can help to cleansing, fresh, rejuvenation and save the environment.

Organic Shower Gel

All of raw materials have certified by quality organic standard. You can confident our properties products that can help to cleansing, fresh, gentle for your skin and save the environment.

Organic Body Lotion

The main ingredient is coconut oil that has certified by quality organic standard and source of production in Thailand. It can help to delight, nourish, rejuvenation and looks natural to your skin.

Organic Body Butter

It has more important things from natural.

Organic Shampoo

We choose the best raw materials and are not contain surfactant such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Laureth Sulphate act as carcinogenic substances. Our products can clean our hair intentionally. They help to support hair shaft and protect scalp. They do not act as antioxidant and protect our hair from pollution.

Natural Conditioner

It does not contain silicon not as general conditioner. The main ingredient is organic coconut oil from cold pressing method. It make hair moisture and without residue chemicals.

Organic Body Scrub

Organic Body Scrub (Sugar/Rice Bran) . It has ceramide that helps to support your skin, reduces dark spots and rejuvenation. It has vitamin E that acts as antioxidant for anti-aging. It proper for all types of skin.

Organic Body Massage Oil

It uses for relaxing and skin whitening after bathing. It does not occur oily and sticky after using. It will gain relaxing odor and reduces stress.

Organic Hot Compress for Body

Hot compress for the body. Consists of 20 kinds of medicinal properties of herbs can help relieve the pain and fatigue as well as a relaxing fragrance help.

Organic Hot Compress for face

Organic Hot Compress for face (Organic Sesame and Organic Jasmine Rice). It uses for face massage. It helps flow blooding very well. It has organic sesame and organic jasmine rice helps skin whitening, well being of healthy, antiache and pore.

Organic Dog Shampoo

It proper for dog. The main ingredient is Zingiberaceae. It helps to eradicate tick and flea in animal. Moreover,we have many products such as tick and flea spray, lotion, etc.

Baby Care

100% Natural & Certified Organic Baby Products. Never use harmful chemicals, Our Baby Products, contain only organic fruits, vegetables and plant extracts, Safe, effective and soothing organic products for babies and kids. See our products


Restaurant : Healthy and Organic food. We service no have chemicals food (Healthy food), vegetarian food and we also have lanna local food. We have Kao Soi that it guaranteed from newspapers and magazine as the best Kao Soi in the word. Moreover, we have healthy drinks such as coffee, herbal tea and organic fresh tea. The interior of our showroom has lanna music for touch of lanna culture in Thai residence. We sell CD/DVD of Thai music in many ages and also have lanna music, general music to sell too.


There are many types of spa such as Thai Massage, Foot Massage, Aroma Massage, etc. We bring our organic product to used in spa.


This company manufactures Hair Care, Body Care, etc. It is the first and only one of factory in Thailand that get organic certified and get guarantee from Bio Agricert in Italy and USDA from USA.

We get 10 the best innovation of 2011 that will pass from more than 300 companies in Thailand.

We produce products by consumer want to get own brand (OEM) because our factory get certified factory and consumer will get quality standard with our products from this factory.


Meet the founder

Thicharthun Hiruntharanontha is the founder of Chiangmai Organic and Spa Co., Ltd. At an early age she learned from her mother the importance of using only natural and organic products on your skin and in your food. This passion for organic and sustainable living is the main reason that Thicharthun created Chiangmai Organic and Spa. Co., Ltd.

Chiangmai Organic & Spa Co., Ltd
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