Story of Chiangmai Organic & Spa.

Our History

Chiangmai Organic and Spa co., Ltd. has established in 2005 by produce plant that have focused on without chemicals during producing. We started from non-toxic soap that is the first products. Our raw materials used to be certified the organic by the international organization that are recognized on a global or international scale which is USDA from United States.

Our manufacturing begin with checking for cultivated area that they do not use chemicals for at least 3-5 years to grow in a natural way and do not used of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). All stages of production and raw materials must be free from the chemical that involved prohibited strictly.

In the same way, source of raw materials must be recognized in Asian, Europe and America. Moreover, in every steps of the processes have to get certification from the international organization. We guarantee against free from substances prohibited by the rules and regulations of the organization.

As a result, herb soap have been developed and change into Organic Soap, which is mixture of all organic ingredients due to the harden soap manufacturing without use of chemicals. It made from natural herbs such as Jasmine rice, etc. They mixed with vegetable oils and essential oils which extracted from natural plants. They were free from colors and fragrances.

In addition, we focus to save the environment. Organic soap do not cause irritation of sensitive skin. They do not mixture with carcinogenic substrances. They have aromatic of essential oils from plant extracts, which will remain of odor for about two years without rancidity not as common soap. Our company want to make Thai people have good quality of soap, inexpensive and save the environment. However, the cost of manufacturing are high amount of money. The prices of our soaps are too high more than general soaps, but regardless of yourselves and save the environment in a long time. They are better choices for consumers who care about their quality of life.

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