Certified Organic Bar Soap

Our soap is Organic Handmade Soap which Certified by USDA NOP, USA. Our soap using certified organic vegetable oil and pure aromatherapy grade essential oil as main ingredients. Manufactured by Cold Process to retained all natural skin conditioning, glycerin that normally removed from industrial soap making process that manufactured by Hot process.

Organic Soap Base-certified by NOP
Made with 98.0-99.5% certified organic ingredients
No artificial color
Paraben Free
High natural glycerin content for superior moisturization
No colorant
No artificial fragrance

Why Organic soap?

Soap is one of the few products to come in contact with your skin every day. Because our skin absorbs as much as 60% of what is put on it, it is important that our soaps are made from organic ingredients produced without the use of herbicides, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, which may be harmful to your health and skin.

By using organic soap, you can potentially avoid many of the common skin problems and irritations that have been associated with commercial soaps, while also protecting the environment, as organic ingredients are traditionally grown without the use of chemicals that pollute the air, run into water supplies and become embedded in soil.